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A science-backed glucose disposal agent that helps support carbohydrate oxidation, and the storage of carbohydrates in muscle as glycogen rather than converted to fat.*
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60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
3rd Party Lab Tested
Formulated by Scientists
Clinically Tested Ingredients
60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
3rd Party Lab Tested
Formulated by Scientists
Clinically Tested Ingredients

The key ingredients in GLYCODRIVE™  have been scientifically shown to support:

  • Increased Glycogen Storage by up to 67%*(1)
  • Decreased Muscle Damage by up to 69%(2)
  • 39% Greater Glucose Disposal within the first 30 minutes after a carb rich meal*(3) 
  • Enhanced Activation of Glucose Transporters (GLUT4)*

(1)  Ruby BC et al. The addition of fenugreek extract (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

to glucose feeding increases muscle glycogen resynthesis after exercise. Amino Acids 28:71-76, 2005.

(2) A Human study on the Anti-inflammatory Effects of ActiGin® in Muscles after High-

intensity Exercise. Unpublished Actigin Dossier

(3) Hou CW, Lee SD, Kao CL, Cheng IS, Lin YN, Chuang SJ, Chen CY, Ivy JL, Huang CY, Kuo CH. Improved Inflammatory Balance of Human Skeletal Muscle during Exercise after Supplementations of the Ginseng-Based Steroid Rg1. PLoS One 10(1); e0116387.doi10.1371/journal.pone.0116387, 2015.

*The Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Take  1 Serving (1 Capsule) of GLYCODRIVE™ with 8-12oz of water with high carbohydrate meals. For maximum results combine GLYCODRIVE™ with sensible exercise and proper nutrition.

We’re incredibly proud of our commitment to science, transparency, community, and your results. If your Blue Star Nutraceuticals products don’t deliver, we will solve it. Just reach out to our certified experts within 60 days of your purchase. We’re here for you. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Click Here for Details.


The new GlycoDrive™ isn’t just an advancement of itself — it’s an advancement of nutraceuticals altogether. It puts the power of glycogen recovery in the palm of your hands. It helps eliminate carb-consumption remorse.

And whether you use it before a carb-heavy meal or a marathon lift session, GlycoDrive™ will increase carbohydrate delivery to your muscles more than anything that’s ever come before it.

370% MORE

The new GlycoDrive™ contains ActiGin™, the same trademarked ingredient used by professional athletes and fitness models to increase glycogen storage by up to 370%. This breakthrough ingredient also helps GlycoDrive™ decrease muscle damage by up to 69% and increase muscle energy by up to 22%. So don’t just use GlycoDrive™ before you eat, use it after you train for results and recovery just like the pros.


Carbs aren’t your problem - where you’re storing them is. After you eat, your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose and then releases insulin which delivers the glucose into your muscles where it’s stored as glycogen. Your muscles use this glycogen for size, strength, and energy. Unfortunately, sometimes your muscles decide on their own that they have enough glucose. When this happens, the glucose goes to your fat cells and the muscle-building benefits are lost. Use GlycoDrive™ before carb-heavy meals to encourage your body to send glucose to your muscles — and away from your fat. One serving. One purpose. That’s the power of GlycoDrive™.


The moment you take your first serving of GlycoDrive™, you’re not just opening a bottle, you’re opening an opportunity. The opportunity for your body to begin working for you, not against you. Is that an opportunity you want to miss? By combining new research, new technology, and new ingredients, we created an entirely new product. It will forever change the way you look at carbohydrates. Afterall, they’re not the problem — where they go is. Now finally, GlycoDrive™ is here to do something about it.


The power of GlycoDrive™ is in its persistence. It doesn’t care if you’re craving a pastry or polishing off a whole pizza — it just goes to work. Relentlessly transporting carbohydrates to your muscles with astonishing persistence. There’s a certain feeling you get when your body is properly shuttling everything inside to all the right spots. Physically, you’re better prepared. Mentally, you’re more aware. Emotionally, you’re undeterred. No matter when or why you use it, GlycoDrive™ rolls up its sleeves and goes to work. So whether you’re sitting down to the table or strapping in for set, you can always be sure that GlycoDrive™ is helping you out.


GlycoDrive™ is your assistant to success. It means having peace of mind, whether you're enjoying a quick snack or sitting down too an enormous meal. GlycoDrive™ never gives up, tirelessly helping your muscles get the energy they need from the food you eat. The specialized ingredients in GlycoDrive™ help regulate your system to appropriately use and/or store extra carbohydrates in muscle rather than storing them as fat. Just imagine your body working like a finely-tuned machine, ready for anything. No matter when or why you use it, GlycoDrive™ jumps into action, time and time again.


For Blue Star Nutraceuticals users, GlycoDrive™ is instantly familiar, yet altogether new. You know that what you’re getting is a premium quality, top of the market supplement — the result of countless years of cutting-edge research. You know that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle. You know that athletes of every level from around the world are already using Blue Star Nutraceuticals every day to deliver results they just don’t see from other brands. And you know that, no matter what, your success is backed by our 60-day guarantee.


Our fully transparent white papers detail how we go from molecular mechanism to clinical outcome, challenging each individual ingredient at every stage with painstaking detail. However, if that's not for you - we've laid out the clinical research on the key ingredient in Glycodrive™.

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Graph #1: In a placebo-controlled double blind cross over design, 6 trained male athletes were evaluated for glycogen re-synthesis following a post-workout carbohydrate meal. 4 after a carbohydrate meal, a biopsy was taken from the vastus lateralis and muscle glycogen was measured. A key ingredient in GlycoDrive™ when combined with carbohydrates elicits a 67% greater increase in glycogen synthesis than carbohydrates alone ( p < 0.05). Graph #2: In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover trial, a standardized meal consisting of 70% carbohydrate was received by all participants along with a placebo or a key ingredient in GlycoDrive™. A key ingredient in GlycoDrive™ led to an overall greater glucose tolerance over 180 minutes ( p < 0.05) and a 17% lower peak in plasma glucose after the meal ( p < 0.05).* 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Grey S.
It’s awesome

I love using glycodrive after an endurance workout to help with recovery and staying lean, knowing those carbs are going where I need them most. This is actually a great supplement to aid your diet in a slimming period. I find that taking this while eating cleanly and using some intermittent fasting, works wonders.

WadeS (Brighton, US)
Less Sluggish After Big Meals

I take this with high carb meals and I definitely feel better than I normally would. I don't crash after a big meal and it seems to keep me full longer - maybe more efficiently using the food in my body. I don't take it everyday just when I am having a big meal.

Matthew W. (Saint Paul, US)
Works as Advertised

I was skeptical of what this product would do. I noticed the difference right away with my first carb heavy meal. The science is real! I now carry this product with me so I know I have it nearby. Will purchase this again.

trezell w. (Akron, US)


Mike K. (Buffalo, US)
Loving GlycoDrive.

I started using GlycoDrive almost a month ago and I love it . I feel like it has helped me to put up weights that I was unable to before I introduced it to my regime . I started with one bottle , to see how it works , I will ordering a few bottles on my next building phase .

Brett H.

Works great love it

John (Austin, US)

Love it, I definitely feel better after ingesting a slug of carbs

Brian W.

now I know why you’re out of stock for often

Justin G. (Ashland, US)

This stuff works good it takes the carbs and uses it to feed your muscles and gives you harder muscles

Andres J. (Homestead, US)
Great Product!

I've been using this product for almost 2 weeks and since day 1 the results are awesome. Thank you!

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