Our Promise To You

You don't write history with words.
you write it with actions.

Since 2007 Blue Star Nutraceuticals® has been focused on curating the very best talent, ingredients, and information from around the world. This culminates in a desire to showcase, rather than hide, the research and formulas of every product we make.

Our peer-awarded accolades from the scientific community are a point of pride for us and we are truly grateful for the recognition. But even more important to us are the personal stories about how our safe, straightforward, and proven solutions are helping men around the world achieve their health and fitness goals.

Meet James Johnson

chiseled challenge winner
& IFBB Pro

“Four years ago, I was 46 years old, sitting on my couch, watching Sunday football with a half eaten party size bag of nacho cheese Doritos on my lap… When the game went to commercial, there was a quick second where the screen went black and I saw myself in the reflection, I was disgusted.”


Congratulations on the next stage of your fitness journey and thank you for choosing us to be there with you!

We hope you enjoy our brand and learn a little more about who we are and what we do. And by doing so, if you feel more confident and excited about reaching your goals, you’re exactly the type of person we make products for.

the blue star nutraceuticals® time-line

July, 2007

Blue Star Nutraceuticals® is born when owners of an independent supplement shop respond to customers’ demands for products with better ingredients, more transparent research, and proven results.

September, 2008

After almost an entire year of research and development, Blue Star Nutraceuticals® Status® testosterone booster is released to both critical and customer acclaim.

January, 2009

www.BlueStarNutraceuticals.com goes live for the first time. First day sales: $118.45 - thanks Mom!

March, 2014

Blue Star Nutraceuticals® reaches the Top 50 on Bodybuilding.com for the first time.

December, 2014

100,000 bottles of Status® sold!

January, 2015

The world deserved a better protein, so we made one - Blue Star Nutraceuticals® Iso-Smooth™ hits the market!

April, 2014

100,000 bottles of Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade® fat burner sold!

July, 2015

The first ever Chisel Challenge™ begins! Thousands of people across North America compete in Blue Star Nutraceuticals® 91-day transformation contest for $10,000, a one-year Blue Star Nutraceuticals® sponsorship, and life-changing physical results.

October 2016

1 million products sold!

June 26, 2017

Blue Star Nutraceuticals® YouTube channel launches with the goal of providing straightforward diet, training, and supplementation information proven by research and driven by results.

August, 2017

Executive Chef to the Boston Bruins and Cleveland Indians, Ultimate Men’s Health® Guy, and NBC® Titan Games contestant Joshua Ingraham joins the Blue Star Nutraceuticals® team.

October, 2017

Blue Star Nutraceuticals® Post-Factor™ wins Sports Supplement of the Year (SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards)

January, 2018

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Training Facility opens its doors, very quietly and in an undisclosed location. The first facility of its kind, the Blue Star Nutraceuticals® Training Facility serves as a proving ground for the Blue Star Research & Development team. This is where Blue Star athletes come to test Blue Star products – and vice versa.

January, 2019

Legendary fitness model, competitor, athlete, and actor Rob Riches joins the Blue Star Nutraceuticals® team.

July, 2020

YouTube Silver Creator Award awarded Blue Star Nutraceuticals® YouTube channel

March, 2020

“Ripped Over 40” YouTube video featuring Blue Star Nutraceuticals® athlete James Johnson reaches one million views!

September 2020

Blue Star Nutraceuticals® athlete James Johnson wins his IFBB® Pro Card at the age of 50.

October 2020

Blue Star Nutraceuticals® signs a national partnership with Make-A-Wish® foundation in support of their vision to grant the wish for every child diagnosed with a critical illness.

November 2021

6x UFC® Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic signs as Blue Star Nutraceuticals® athlete.

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