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Robert V. (Courtenay, CA)
Great taste

Have been using this product for quite a while. Amazing taste without being too sweet and happy to ensure I'm getting all the necessary nutrients in my diet daily

Crew Neck Premium Tee
Robert (Boston, US)
T-shirts Shirt

Very well-made comfortable Good quality Nice that

GH Peak™
Charles (Montreal, CA)
Top Quality

I sleep much better and feel stronger than ever! Thx for the quality products once again

Jason V. (Fort St. John, CA)
works as promised

Love it works as promised

Calvin H.
Great product

Great Product

Better By Design Graphic Tee
Robert (Brooklyn, US)
T Shirt

Nicely made great fit. Got a nice amount of stretch to it so it’s very comfortable this T-shirt especially like.

Chernor H.J. (Columbus, US)
Good product

I see more improvements in muscle building

Randy C. (Florence, US)
Raises low T...feeling like 30 again

Have continued for over 5year, taking this since being diagnosed with very low T by Dr. Tried various other treatments including testosterone injections, gels etc. But nothing really helped that much until I tried STATUS for a few months and Dr was surprised by results showing levels almost back to normal. So he suggested to stay on this, as he & I were not liking other options due to long term safety concerns. So far I now feel great again at nearly 64 after also a 25% weight loss and 2 knee replacements...I now feel like I was 30 again! So will continue this as long as it's available reasonably and makes a difference. Only criticism I've got is the new larger packaging/bottles...seems like they're trying to trick one with larger bottle equals more, but no they didn't increase amounts. Only using more plastic that you have to pay to mail, store and toss or recycle if available.

Adam D. (Northampton, US)
Increased Energy

2nd bottle and have definitely noticed an increase in energy and focus.

Jermaine M. (Garland, US)
It works but I would like to see the taste improved!

You can feel the pumps, the focus and energy! But just honestly speaking there's other affective brands with more taste and flavors. But again I say! The product works!

Martin T. (La Habra, US)

Awesome product I recommended to coworkers
However I don’t like the make you go pie a lot

You need to work on it

Daniel O. (Sherbrooke, CA)
Tres bon produit

Je viens tout juste de commencer à l'utiliser et je vois déjà des améliorations

Shake One™
Benjamin C. (Calgary, CA)
Delicious protein shake

This is probably the best tasting protein shake powder I’ve ever had.

Hal S. (Winnipeg, CA)
Creatine perfection!

I have noticed it seems to work better and faster at building muscle and energy compared to the regular creatine powder I used to buy! It does the job.

Patrick M. (Joliette, CA)
Increase of energy

After 14 days since I started Status, I have more energy, I feel more relax and my sleep is deeper. I have more endurance during my WOD. It's not a miracle, but you can feel the difference. For me, after trying a few different natural testosterone boosters, I can feel a bigger difference in my body.

Shane M. (Baldwin, US)
The boost without a crash

Truth be told I was a little skeptical before buying, but after using it, I came to understand the difference between low testosterone and high testosterone at the age of 39 so now my go to morning routine three capsules 5:15 am and I don’t feel a change in my energy until about 8 PM works great for me so say something to it

William W. (Paterson, US)
Good taste and filling

I mix my protein with oat milk and it makes it very think and filling.

Kyle D. (Cleveland, US)

I have officially been taking this for almost two months. My increase in energy and weight drop have been the best thing about this product so far.

Jimmy W. (Dover, US)
Great product

Blade is a very good fat burner that i will recommend to anyone who’s looking to burn some fat

Willie S. (San Francisco, US)
Burnin it off!

It started three years ago. I was ride-share driver sitting in my vehicle waiting for ride requests; a commercial came on YT. 30 or so minutes of this scientific explanation of how blade worked. I watched the infomercial and decided to order right away. I was definitely serious about a lifestyle change concerning my weight. I work out at home in my garage. For the next three years after that night, I would basically workout daily. Off days slow days no days. It was a lot of work working toward my goal. The goal was to get to my military fit to fight fighting weight. I went from 320+ to right at 224lbs.Status helped. I now use GH peak, status, and blade. Blade was where I started. I’m learning the discipline of body mind weight management, that it’s starts with one’s state of mind. It seems like just yesterday that I was wearing a size 48-50. Now I’m modestly in 38-40. 45 yrs old and I’m in the best shape of my life and the best is yet to come!

Victoria (Dallas, US)
Keeps him going

My husbands Dr recommended status. He tried once and loved the energy and well being it provides. Tried another similar product to save money and that was a bust. We will just add to our budget because he refuses to go without.

Tom J. (Buffalo, US)

I ordered 2 PPK pre-workout in orange flavor. It really delivers by giving you a real energy boost. The taste is exactly as described. Try it for yourself to feel the difference in your energy level

Tom J. (Buffalo, US)
Status really works

I’ve been using Status for 2 months now and it’s been amazing. My gym workouts haven’t been this good since my younger days. I’m 67 years old and the muscle growth I’ve experienced using Status is beyond my expectations. I strongly suggest you order it!

Titoelcucuy R.
What it’s like taking Blue star (BOOST YOUR TEST)

I found this product amazing I recommend to anybody of this product I rank it to all the way above 100 I take this every morning three capsules a day, and I feel amazing my natural testosterone Has gone up even further it’s incredible my Strength my cardio and health benefits!!! Even better my energy levels even high without taking any caffeine really and also so much recovery and going to bed early just incredible…

Jaheerththan N. (Scarborough, CA)
Right one

Absolutely right product

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